Study in Canada

The education system in Canada is well known for its high quality and standard. Canadian Institutes specialize in giving practical education rather than giving just class room based teaching.

Canada has a wide range of colleges and institutes to choose from. Canadian institutes provide diplomas, undergraduate courses , post graduate courses and PhDs , capable of finding job after the studies. Colleges and polytechniques in Canada offer many courses which are highly helpful to find jobs after studies.

Stay back after studies. Canada has an option to stay back after studies to find job based on the duration of the course.

Permanent residency. Students educated in t Canada have the option to obtain permanent resident visa after the studies based on their qualification, age, experience and other factors.

Tuition Fee. Canadian tuition fee is low when comparing with other countries.

Education loan. There is option to find education loan for higher studies. Most of the nationalised banks offer bank loans to students for overseas studies.

Scholarships and bursaries. Many institutions in Canada offer scholarships for international students.

Part-time job. International students in Canada are allowed to work while studying in Canada part-time. They can work full time during vacation time and after finishing the studies successfully.

Spouse can work. Spouse/common law-partner of International student can accompany and work full time.

Canada is land of opportunities and one of the best destinations to live and work in. Canada is multicultural and it is open to the world. Canada is one of the most top 10 innovative countries in the world.

Canadian people are very honest and accepting people. Canadians accept people into their country and society and they accept other aspects of culture and tradition.