IELTS Training

IELTS (International English Language Testing System), is a test conducted to measure a candidate’s English proficiency. It is a must for those candidates who wish to go abroad for studies, jobs, and immigration as this is the medium of communication in foreign countries.AVAS gives them with full support, by providing them with study materials, regular evaluation and contact classes upon request. Students are given individual attention so that we come to know their vocabulary and suggest necessary steps to improve their language level. We assist the candidates to achieve maximum marks with their current language potential. There is a 9 band level test for this training, in which 9 is considered as the expert score. But those candidates who have a minimum of 6.5 are also qualified to go abroad. Our curriculum is aimed at getting 7 and above bands for those who seeking for it. We conduct Mock Tests to assess every candidate’s languages level and suggest ways to improve their levels absolutely free of cost. Our faculty includes experts who are capable to provide the students with premium training sessions. We assess the students through MOCK test and advice courses based on their current language levels. We offer one month crash courses and 3-6 months long term courses.


IELTS has a two levels of training programme. Academic and General. Academic training is given to those students who are planning to do their higher education in foreign countries and also for their professional registration. General includes training just for the migration for a candidate from one country to another in English speaking environment itself. Both the training programmes emphasizes on the four main aspects which are Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.


IELTS training is given to varied candidates from different cultures and countries. But they treat all the candidates equally, by accepting all the aspects of a native speaker as well as experts. They accept the variety of slangs first of North America, Australia, New Zealand and gives training accordingly.


The IELTS test has a profound format. It includes the four aspects that are listening, reading, writing and speaking, all of these in less than three hours. As already mentioned earlier, there is Academic and General training. The listening and speaking test format is the same for both the categories,but reading and writing testsare differ for both. Thelistening, reading and writing tests should be completed on the same day without any break.The speaking test can be completed a week before or after the preliminary test, however is possible according to their instruction. The total time allowed for this is 2 hours 45 minutes.

  • We provide online courses with full support, materials, regular evaluation and contact classes upon request.
  • Students are given individual attention
  • Help the candidates to achieve the required marks
  • Mock IELTS tests provided free of cost
  • Expert assistance for the student’s improvement.
  • 100% placement assistance after the completion of the course